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I have been a makeup artist for the past 7 years and I have learned many things along the way from some of the very best makeup artists in the world. I have competed internationally in Paris, travelled to New York City to learn from Sam Fine, and I have learned from MANY master artists in Portland, Oregon.  

Over the years, I have taught many clients how to do their own makeup. I have been in a position where I knew little to nothing about makeup and felt all of the same frustrations that come with attempting a smokey eye!  

I have the tools, tips and tricks all laid out in a very clean and easy to understand guide. You will find information on which products suit YOUR skin type to achieve the very best result and to get the absolute LONGEST wear out of your makeup look! You will also find a guide on which brushes to use for each step, with visual representation. The very best part of this manual is the STEP BY STEP BREAKDOWN. This has been something that I have developed, perfected and broken down to a science. 


Free Shopping List cultivated by Caitlyn with each section broken down into skintype + skintone to help you find the best products for you!


Your weekly dose of Self Love!

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