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Where on earth do I begin? This was one of the most spontaneous decisions I have ever made. I was sitting at home with my fiancé when Sam Fine started a live video via Facebook. I tuned in and within about 5 minutes I kept saying to Jesse "Oh my gosh, I HAVE to go.... I have to go...I have to go" It sparked my interest and I just knew it would be unforgettable. The one thing that held me back for a total of 3 minutes (lol) was the $ and the amount it would likely cost when it was exchanged to CDN dollars. I actually hate to admit it but I didn't even do the math, which is probably a good thing because when I did eventually see the payment come out, it was more than I anticipated. Nevertheless I was beyond excited and on a total high as I pushed "Pay in full".

I had met Sam at the Portland masterclasses I attended back in November of last year. Click here to read about my Portland experience. His class was undoubtedly one of the ones that I was most excited to attend at the week of workshops. Due to flight issues, I found myself strolling into the beautiful Hilton Embassy Suites hotel on Day 1 of the Portland classes a late, tired traveller in need of a good meal and a shower. I thought I missed his class and I was SOOO sad! I went upstairs to peak in and see what was happening and there I found a room full of 200 eager makeup artists, and Sam Fine on stage with a gorgeous model. I missed everything up to the blush. I didn't stick around for the entire class but I had to eventually pull myself away and get upstairs to freshen up. After I got ready I headed downstairs to meet up with my fellow makeup artist friends that I was meeting there. I sat down in the lobby, gathered my thoughts while feeling extremely grateful that I finally made it there in one piece... one suitcase short but I still made it with my makeup kit and that was all that mattered! I sat in the lobby for a few minutes and thats when I saw Sam walk out with his suitcase on his way to check out of the hotel. I approached him and introduced myself and explained that I had missed his class but was very glad that I could atleast meet him. He was very approachable, genuine and kind. This is one of the reasons that I knew that my money was not going to be wasted when I invested in his class only 2 weeks before.

Alright, that ramble is done....... lets talk about the INCREDIBLE hands-on class!!! This was Sam's first ever Hands-On Masterclass. I woke up nice and early in my beautiful hotel room in Times Square, New York City. First of all, I never thought I'd find myself in that situation but I was very happy about it. I anxiously got ready and headed down for a quick breaksfast. After that, it was time to go upstairs to class! I arrived at the door and a fellow there knew my name right away and I was pleasantly surprised! He gave me a name tag and pointed me in the right direction. I walked into the room and the room was already more than half full. Sam greeted me with a big smile and said, "Wait don't tell me....Caitlyn?" I was shocked! How did he know my name, I doubted that he remembered our short encounter in Portland. It was a special touch and it started the day out just right. It's amazing how something as simple as a couple people knowing your name, can make a huge impact and not only that but instantly put you at ease in the presence of 20 talented American makeup artists! I was the only Canadian there, so that was pretty fun!

The demo + presentation by Sam was breathtaking. I haven't learned that much in one day in a very long time. His techniques and style are unlike most other makeup artists. He has a unique touch and his attention to detail is second to none. Watching him work away at perfection was a real treat. His model Heidi Powell has been with him since the 90's as his muse, she was the same model that was with him in Portland! She was so lovely and helpful throughout the entire day. You can tell they have a special and unique bond. During the presentation, if someone asked a good questions they would win a product that was donated by Naimies! I raised my hand, and Sam was impressed that I would do that. So before I even asked the question he handed me a brush portfolio (holder) which is literally the one thing I have been wanting for months! I said "Thank you!!!!" and he laughed and loved that too. I think I definitely fit the friendly Canadian stereotype that day! lol

A little while later in his presentation he asked us who had travelled from the furthest places. Everyone quickly said Canada but then we realized their were two others, one from California and one from Arizona which is technically further than Saskatchewan. He called all 3 of us up and gave us each a makeup kit from Naimies. I was thrilled, I got the smallest one and it was absolutely perfect... I've already loaded it up with all my hair things. It made a good foot stool on my way home when I was stuck in the La Guardia airport for 13 hours too lol......P.S. ALWAYS fly through JFK airport. Apparently La Guardia is famous for their delays and cancellations...

Sam created the most gorgeous, flawless and effortless makeup look. It was major smoke with a stunning contour + highlight, without looking like "instagram" makeup, it was executed by a master and you could tell.

It was now our turn to play with the new techniques that Sam generously shared with us.. As we got back into the room, after lunch our models waited for us at our stations. We had a gift bag waiting for us as well and it was the gift bag of ALL gift bags! Holy smokes. I just don't even know where to start. Sam had so many generous sponsors that hooked us UP with all of his faves!