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An Ian Fraser, Janvi Sharma, Caitlyn Dixon Company

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the adorable traveller







the adorable satchel


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the adorable umbrella


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the adorable wallet


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Who’s Adorable? Adorable Co. is a new kind of carry company built around some simple tenets:


1. Being on the move shouldn’t mean leaving behind.

Have what you need with you no matter where you’re going:

Because Commuting is Adorable.

2. Be one with the environment.

You’re stuff is safe no matter the weather, and the earth is safe from our products

Because Rainy Days are Adorable.

3. People centred.

Thoughtful design for the modern commuter

Because Smart is Adorable.

4. Style is for all.

From the corner office to the gym on the corner we fit every-body.

Because You are Adorable.

We believe that we can do right by the modern urban commuter, and the environment by respecting the products that we design and produce.

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The overall appeal of Adorable Co. is a brand that embodies the values of a conscious buyer. We are committed to providing ethically sourced materials, responsible work opportunities to our producers and employees, health and wellness as well as ensuring a positive impact on the environment. Our customers are loyal to Adorable Co. because the products are made specifically for them, not solely with them in mind. We believe that the highest level of customer service is a critical element to running a conscious-focused brand. We acknowledge that there are alot of great brands out there but we feel strongly that we provide a unique experience and product with our commitment to quality. 


Our branding has been designed to appeal to young professional females who rely on public transportation for their commuting purposes. Our colors are based on the golden yellows that you see in the city from taxis to signs to poles in the subway. This color says fast-paced, urban lifestyle in a split second. 

Success in the backpack market for Adorable consists of mindshare over marketshare. While we hope to achieve sales over 10,000 units, our greater goal is to associate our brand with one that aligns closely with the conscious urban female commuter. When someone wants a stylish, durable backpack that has been made to handle a busy life, all while being cognizant of the environment, we want Adorable to be that product. We believe we have a plan that will achieve that.

WHERE CAN YOU PURCHASE adorable products?

You can purchase Adorable products right here on our online shop, or through our Canadian retail partners: Nordstrom and Hudson’s Bay. We feel these partner stores allow us to maintain margin and brand value versus further discounted retailers. It also reduces our negative impact from the overall shift of bag sales from brick and mortar to online (Statista, 2020)


(Globe and Mail, 2013)

(ShopEatSurf, 2020)


TARGET MARKET: The Adorables 


Who is an Adorable customer? An Adorable takes the morning train (sometimes in the rain), works hard, and then plays hard in the evening. They need a carry-all that stands up to their daily commute — even when the weather says they shouldn’t — and looks the part going to yoga practice the same evening.


They want to know that the backpack they buy — and company they buy it from — care as much about our planet as they do. Those values are adorable because #YOUareAdorable.


An Adorable is conscious. 


Conscious of their own health and fitness and do so by staying active: Hiking, Yoga, Pilates, the Gym. 


They’re conscious of their surrounding environment and how it needs to be protected: They recycle, choose walking when they could just as easily own a car, and support inclusiveness and equality for all.


They’re conscious of their career: They have University degrees (or are working on them), They have still on the rise salaries, and recognize when it’s time to balance the corner office with the restaurant on the corner.

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Public Relations and Adorable Co.


Adorable Co believes that Public Relations go beyond simple gestures to win sales, we want to win trust and that begins with our commitment to the environment we all live in. We have a couple of ways in which we plan to show that commitment:


1. Our products right down to the price tag will be made with biodegradable or recyclable materials. Our innovative biodegradable price tag is made with this in mind, it can be thrown away knowing it is safe to do so. 

2. Our Recycle-it-back(pack) program. Designed to keep backpacks that are past their (long) useful lifespan from winding up in landfills alone, we will take back that bag and recycle it for use in future products. This program will be offered free of charge for shipping to the customer.

These are programs that happen at the time of sale and end of product life. 


Adorable Co buoys our environmental initiatives with our Adorable Health Program, aimed at supplying urgent care workers with supply carry-alls during cold and flu season (September through February).



Our major promotion is offering our innovative Adorable Satchel at various events such as business professionals trade shows, as well as university career fairs (find us for one!). The Adorable Satchel fits neatly into the Adorable Traveller’s inner “Satchel Pocket”!  We feel the career fair promotions are particularly important for attracting the next generation of our demographic who are approaching graduation. Most of these fairs tend to happen early in the semester allowing us to catch the tail end of back to school as well. At some events we will also give out the Adorable Umbrella. The purpose of this promotion is to help raise awareness of our “Rainy Days are Adorable” ads, and waterproof features of the Traveller backpack. This give away will be less common, and more at outdoor events during the spring and summer months.

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Adorable Co’s direct campaign seeks to associate the word “adorable” important aspects of our 25-45 year old female commuter’s lives. First across both Twitter and Instagram our #YOUareAdorable hashtag seeks to engage consumers by posting (and encouraging others) “Traveller tales”, real women’s stories while including a Traveller backpack. We expect that our target market will not only have stories that match our ad themes (Commuting, Recycling, Smart/classic, and Rainy Day/Weather resistance), but also many more. While this type of campaign doesn’t directly feature our backpacks, it helps customers think of Adorable in a positive light when they see the Traveller next to our competitors. The risk here is that the hashtag gets used for less motivating or crude associations. 


Secondly, Interacting directly will be an important part of our Social Media Manager’s role: Traveller giveaways on rainy days are one way to help build awareness of #YOUareAdorable, as is using Twitter in particular to directly address customer concerns with our product and our online store. 


Our ads across all major Social Media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pintrest), will seek to associate strongly with searches such as Nightlife, Commute, and of course Backpack. Our social media ads will also feature the #YOUareAdorable branding on each, helping to build awareness of the the campaign. Ad buys will increase particularly during the summer months allowing us to capture mindshare when the days are long, commuting is easiest, and back to school is at the forefront. Lastly, Facebook will not be a platform for our ads at this time due to an incline in popularity on other platforms. This is risky, however, we believe this accurately reflects the current climate.

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    We chose to use platforms like ads which would attract people who enjoy watching youtube. Social media, TV networks, and billboards to interact with our customers. Social media gives us the advantage to interact with our customers and improve our backpack from their reviews. Our goal is to create a loyal customer base, and social media helps us understand the customer’s dislikes and likes. 

Our Sales Promotions  

Sales on Adorable product will happen twice a year. Our goal is to keep steady pricing in order to promote that we are confident in our product, as well as to maintain margin in light of the Recycle-it-Back(pack) program. While initial costs of running such a program will be low, as time progress’ and more product becomes end-of-life, costs will rise to cover logistics and well as recycling of the product. To this end Adorable will have two sales periods a year known as the “Semi-Annual Sale”(s). We will offer 15% off on all of our line starting with our initial product the Traveller. These sales will run once in the spring when we feel we can best align with those looking for a new spring look, as well as the week of Black Friday. Discounting for Black Friday allows us to better control the pricing during the period rather than have pricing be different between our own online store and our retailer partners.


During both these periods we will increase our ad spending (see Strategy section) in an effort to bolster the sale. Such ads will run on extra locations such as billboards near malls as well as within a radius of major city centres across the country. Particularly with the Black Friday sale, more mall ads will also be bought to catch those shopping near our retailers.


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